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Does not sound like the wording of anyone who has any little bit of knowledge of the disease and its treatment. I can totally see a houseboy finding medication, googling it, finding it is related to HIV and freaking out. When you Google Truvada, its function as treatment is what comes first and you have to read further to hear about PreP. Not, btw, that it makes DR look good either since that means he is concerned enough about the risks of barebacking that he would be on Prep himself while making his performers perform bareback without any inquiry on whether they are taking measures to protect themselves or at least are aware of the risks he is himself not willing to take.

Less vile than knowingly exposing models to the virus himself but still less than ethical practices. You honestly think someone who does porn would have to Google Truvada? Maybe it's sth I'm not aware of? I'm simply not aware of any specific med for AIDS patients, if you do, pls let me know.

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There is certainly specific medication used to treat someone living with AIDS. Sort of like "cancer drugs" vs "stage 4 cancer drugs". That said, I'm not claiming I know all meds. Google is a good resource. Go do some searches if you really care.

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Sorry but they seem to be at the very least naive about these things and them being porn stars obviously does not preclude a certain level of ignorance. I am not entirely sure I would put it this way. That would have prevented them from barebacking in the first place, let alone in such conspicuously unsafe conditions.

It is about a porn producer with unethical business practices. His HIV status is not the core of the story.

Oh now I see Dave deleted all his comments. If any of you are, let me know how. Who said anything about HIV meds?

AIDS medication. Again, I think we all have the same gut instinct about this. Now, you expect Trent Ferris as cute as he is know what an anti-retroviral means, if he saw it on a medication label? I think the main point is not Reeves status in itself, but the fact that he kept people working with him even bb in the dark about it.

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Also, that the recklessness of Reeves about his status extends to how he deals with his company and the models working for it. Does this still count as the first time a porn star has gone on the record if Trent immediately deleted it? One would think porn stars better than anyone would know that once something is out there, it is out there for good.

There is no taking it back. Porn stars need to start some kind of union so they can knowingly protect themselves from not only economical ills but medical ills as well. And that needs to change. The truth is, if you required performers to be HIV negative to perform, you would lose half of all gay porn stars overnight. It also would just further stigmatize the disease and cause performers to try and hide their status. Ideally, there would be frequent testing and informed consent.

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